Supply-Chain Industrial Distribution Organization



SIDO develops its members academically and professionally by providing them opportunities and resources relating to the supply chain and logistics fields.


Since 1985, SIDO has helped students interested in the field, particularly those majoring/minoring/taking graduate studies in Supply Chain and Logistics Technology at the University of Houston.

Our Mission

  • To provide members with resources and tools to help them succeed professionally and academically
  • To connect students, faculty, staff, alumni and professionals relating to the supply chain and logistics field 
  • To share opportunities such as scholarships, internships, job openings, networking events, tours, and career fairs to member

Our Values

  • Students - Student-led, student-based, student-first
  • Success - Ensuring members graduate and jump-start their professional careers
  • Strength - Giving members a voice in the college, the University, and the industry
  • Skills - Developing members' skills that will be needed in the workforce
  • Support - Providing members with valuable resources and tools
  • Synergy - Connecting members to a network of faculty, staff, alumni, and professionals