Partnership Creates Opportunity for Supply Chain Logistics Technology Students to Earn National Certifications
March 25, 2016

Through a partnership between the University of Houston College of Technology supply chain and logistics program, and San Jacinto College, more than 50 University of Houston supply chain and logistics technology students have had an opportunity to complete the set of eight certifications - the first group from the University of Houston to earn the complete set of SCPro™ Fundamentals certifications awarded by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP).



Supply-Chain Industrial Distribution Organization

San Jacinto College Students Excel in LINCS Supply Chain Management Certification Program
November 24, 2015

"Our recent accomplishment is exciting because our students have embraced the CSCMP process. They understand the value of distinguishing themselves professionally. Through our partnership with the Houston Area Urban League we are working with several other cohorts of students outside of San Jacinto College. One of those groups is the Supply-chain Industrial Distribution Organization (SIDO) at the University of Houston where each member has applied to participate in the LINCS program and act as mentors to our San Jacinto students," said Margaret Kidd, San Jacinto Project Director, TAACCCT LINCS Grant.

Student Success: Irfan Agha
March 2017

That box delivered to your doorstep is more than a gift; it’s a philosophy, a series of special systems and protocols in place that brought it from the manufacturer to your doorstep. Supply chain and logistics technology is concerned with the flow of materials from manufacturer to finished goods to the consumer.

The journey of that delivered box had a starting place. For Irfan Agha, program manager of Canada Transportation at Amazon, it was the University of Houston College of Technology.  Agha graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science, majoring in Supply Chain Logistics Technology and a double minor in Procurement and Organizational Leadership & Supervision.